Monday, May 10, 2010

More Competitive Arm Wrestling

Behold the moment of truth. Sometimes it is for fun, as in challenging your old dad (next time your play cocky, consider the shame if you come out defeated), but most of the times you know you won't make yourself out of it with a laugh. Young muscle against young muscle, level-playing field for you to show what you're worth. Prepare yourself cause the clash may take a little longer than you think. Eye your opponent but don't break your focus, or the back of your hand may soon meet the table top. Ignore as you break a sweat and watch as your opponent breaks his own.

So many battles could be spared if two or more muscled men (or fit women) simply got together to test their arm strength against each other. A power challenge, usually one-on-one, where you get one winner and one loser.