Monday, June 28, 2010

Sweaty hard blog

During last week, after a handfull of months posting weekly, ForcedWorkout.blogspot.com hit the 50th national visitor flag. Sweden thereby joined the list of so-far one-visitor countries that already included Colombia, Hungary, Egypt, Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Finland, Greece, Chile, Denmark, Philippines, Tunisia, and Jersey. We can find Slovakia in 22nd, Brazil in 13th, Australia in 11th, and from there up the larger european nations as well as Canada (6th) and the United States (by the top and responsible alone for most of the international traffic of the blog). The United Kingdom and Germany have been battling fiercely for the 3rd position, as of now occupied by the UK. Ontario and Quebec lead in canadian visitors while the US top-5 comprises: California, New Jersey, New York, Florida, and Texas.

The blog has received over 5000 hits by almost 1000 unique visitors, many of which must have found it useful and keep coming back, hopefully following the orders and shaping their bodies regardless of the puddle of sweat on the floor.

I am satisfied to verify that Google search engine consistently displays ForcedWorkout.blogspot.com in the top-10 results when one types Forced Workout on the keyboards around the globe (usually in rank 5th), as well as in a quite favourable position for some other keywords such as forced push-ups and others alike.

I also use the opportunity to mention I keep this sorry excuse of a blog up because I like it. It is a spare time project, I'm making no bucks from it, yet quite some friendships that I appreciate. Greetings out there, wherever you are. And keep suffering the hard, demanding and torturing workouts, you tough boys.